Яхта в идеальном состоянии. Просмотр может быть организован в любой момент. При необходимости, осмотр может быть организован удаленно (с использованием средств видеоконференцсвязи). Перед подписанием сделки может быть выдано официальное заключение независимого сюрвейера. При осмотре возможен разумный торг.

Яхта поставлена под иностранный флаг, может быть ввезена в РФ без оплаты таможенных сборов и использоваться на внутренних водных путях в течение 12 месяцев. Всю работу с оформлением мы можем взять на себя. Подробная информация о процедуре предоставляется по запросу.

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The yacht, Zanziba, carries some serious design pedigree. Her rig was designed and optimised by Gerry Dykstra, while the UK’s Fairlie Yachts contributed to the structural design. The interior, meanwhile, was put together by David Wright Design.
The 248GT yacht began life as the brainchild of a UK businessman, but he exited the Project when the boat was about one-third complete. Zanziba’s hull then languished in the boatyard until it was picked up by a Turkish businessman who saw the yacht’s potential.
The cold-moulded mahogany boat has elegant deckhouse covers an interior designed to be warm, natural and relaxed, to reflect the way in which the yacht will be used.
The hull is being built using the cold moulding process, by which a laminate hull is built up using thin, resin infused wood planking. The result is a rigid structure with an excellent strength to weight ratio, an done that requires little maintenance being both impenetrable to marine parasites and proof from osmosis.
The palette of interior materials includes goatskins, buffalo leathers, woven rattans and soft chenille fabrics.
The hardwood beams in the saloon are the actual exposed structural elements of the deckhouse.
For the most part, the backdrop of the interior is open grained oak panelling, with carved oak doors with a warm chocolate stain. The main saloon features a fulll length ceiling dome whose hardwood beams are the actual exposed structural elements of the deckhouse, with bamboo tatami panels in between the beams.
The main event on the deck is likely to be a carved, quartzite bar in the cockpit, which serves twin dining tables to the rear.
The accommodation is spread over two decks, with a spacious deckhouse containing the saloon and covered dining area offering spectacular views, and a lower deck with the guest cabins, crew quarters and service areas.
A generous beam of nine meters comfortably accomodates 5 cabins, 3 twin and 1 double guest cabins, an one immaculate full beam owners cabin all with ensuite facilities in the forward section of the yacht, plus four twins aft of the engine room for the crew.
The modern systems referred to include everything from air conditioning, CCTV, WiFi, and a full Lantic entertainment system to NavTec rod rigging, Stratis™ sails by Doyle, hydraulic winches by Lewmar and Harken and comprehensive navigation, electrical and hotel systems.


Sails: DOYLE
Main Mast: From top of mast collar 39.071 m

From top of keel plate 45.011m

Fore Mast From top of mast collar 36.764 m

From top of keel plate 41.174 m

Sail Area:

Main Sail: Stratis Doyle 365 m²

Fore mast: Stratis Doyle 235 m²

Yankee: Stratis Doyle 160 m²

Stay Sail: Stratis Doyle 100 m²

Genneker: Nylon Doyle 750 m²



Halyard Winches

2 x 49088109 88/3 SHST hydraulic winch with grey self-tailing crowns.Stainless steel base.

On mast

2 x 49065004 65 S/ST standard winch for mounting on mast.


2 x 49111109 111/3 SHST hydraulic winch with grey self-tailing crowns. Stainless steel base.

Foremast Runners MPS sheet

2 x 49088109 88/3 SHST hydraulic winch with grey self-tailing crowns. Stainless steel base.

Main Mast

Halyard Winches

2 x 49088109 88/3 SHST hydraulic winch with grey self-tailing crowns and stainless steel base.

On mast

2 x 49065004 65 S/ST standard winch for mounting on mast.

Main Mast Runners / Mooring Lines

2 x 49111109 111/3 SHST hydraulic winch with grey self-tailing crowns. Stainless steel base.

Galley equipments

Electrolux Set-top Deep Fryer 400 mm 1 pc

Electrolux 3 Compartment Cooler 1 pc

Electrolux Infrared Owen 4 zones 800 mm 1 pc

Electrolux Wall type Paddle box Master 1 pc

Electrolux Convection Owen 1 pc

Electrolux Refrigerator 400 LT 1 pc

Electrolux Deep Freezer 400 LT 1 pc

Electrolux Dish Washer 1 pc

Electrolux Thumble Drier 1 pc

Electrolux Washing Machine 1 pc

Electrolux Small Fridge 1 pc

Electrolux Ice Maker 1 pc

Walkin Fridge 0/+4 RSD1500 3277 Watt Hermetic 1.50 Hp R-404 -8+50’C 1 pc

Air conditioning

Chilled water MARINCOLD Reverse cycle, with back-up pumps for circulation & raw water cooling pumps Reverse cycle, with back-up pumps for circulation & raw water cooling pumps Total compressor (1) Capacity is 240 000 BTU/hr Air handlers are positioned throughout the accommodation.

Air compressor: MARCO Air Horn System

Mechanical and Plumbing


Each marine diesel engine drives a fixed pitch propeller via a shaft with flexible coupling and reverse / reduction gearbox with clutch. For the shaft arrangement both torsional and lateral (bending) vibration analyses are or have been performed to avoid resonance in the working speed range. All machinery is marine type and the installation is laid out for easy watch keeping, servicing and maintenance. Starting and stopping of the main engines is in the engine room and also from the bridge. For safety reasons a local switch(es) is fitted in the engine room, which will prevent the engines being started by remote control

Engines room


Emissions: MO/EPA Tier 2

Displacement: 8.1 L (1106 cu in)

Rated Engine Speed: 1800

Bore: 145.0 mm (5.7 in)

Stroke: 183.0 mm (7.2 in)

Aspiration: TA, TTA

Governor: Electronic

Cooling System: Heat Exchanger or Keel Cooled

Weight, Net Dry (approx.): 1,091 kg (2,405 lb)

Refill Capacity

Cooling System: 45.8 L (12.1 Gal)

BKW: 338,5 KW

Lube Oil System: 64 L (16.9 Gal)

Oil Change Interval: 500 hrs

Caterpillar Diesel Engine Oil 10W30 or 15W40

Rotation (from flywheel end): Counterclockwise

Flywheel and Flywheel Housing….SAE No. 1 or SAE No. 0

Maximum Exhaust Backpressure… 6.7 kPa (26.9 in. water)

Generators & Electricity:

2x C 4.4 CATERPILLAR Fuel Generator 38 kW/47kVA @50hz
1x C 2.2 CATERPILLAR Fuel Generator 18 Kw/ @50hz
Output: 400/230V/3 Phase/50 Hz

Batteries Energys: sets of 24 V engine starting,

  • Radio battery set and (1) general service battery set 24 V+ (1)
  • Emergency 24 V for emergency lighting and alarms.
  • Each generator has its own 24 V starting battery
  • Generators are installed above waterline with water separator exhaust system Battery chargers & Inverters are Victron

    Fuel oil system

    Fuel Oil System:
    (2) Separ Filter SWK-2000/10/UM,
    (3) Separ Filter SWK 2000/5/M,
    (1) ALFA LAVAL Solids-retaining Centrifugal Separator, (max. , 760 litres per hour of diesel, 230 V AC@50 Hz)
    (1) Gianneschi CP30 A1(Q= 20/90 Lt/min @ H Tot.= 20/3 Mt)

    Fresh water system

    Fresh Water System:
    (1) Gianneschi ACB 431 CP Hydrophore (2X270 Lt/min 230/400V)
    (1) Gianneschi Jet 518 B (24V 1,1 Kw Q= 100/5 Lt/min @ H Tot.= 47/25 Mt)
    (2) Gianneschi Boiler Inox OR2 (200 lt 230/400V), (1) C.E.M CR20 / 7 circulation pump (4 m3/hr, 1ph, 230 V, 0.148 kw, 1 1/4″), (2) SFM 1400-2 watermaker (SEAFARI VERSATILE MODULAR,(58 Gal/221Lit / hr, w/ standart 5 mic. Prefilter+ booster pump + high presure pump+RO Membranes)

    Sterilizer: Ag Iyon ENWA SilSter 168 Digital 1 silver electrod 1 pc

    Navigation & Communication Equipment

    Raymarine gS165 Glass Bridge MDF Display 4psc

    Raymarine RMK-9 Remote Multifunction Display Keyboard 2 pcs

    Raymarine RCR-2 Gs Remote MicroSD Card Reader 2 pcs

    Raymarine e7 7’’ Widescreen Multifunction Display 1pcs

    Raymarine DSM300 Digital Sounder Module 1 KW 1 pc

    Raymarine B258 1Kw D/T Transducer w/ HSFS 1 pc

    Raymarine 4 Kw 18’’ Digital High Definition Radar Dome 1 pc

    Raymarine 4 kW SuperHD Color Radar Pedestal 1 pc

    Raymarine SuperHD Color 48’’ Open Array Antenna 1 pc

    Raymarine ST60 Long Arm Masthead Transducer 1 pc

    Raymarine i70 Color Multifunction Instrument 4pcs

    Raymarine ITC-5 Analog Transducer Converter Module 2 pcs

    Raymarine Evolution Autopilot ACU-300 1 pc

    Raymarine P70 Full Color Autopilot Control Head 2 pcs

    Raymarine Smart Controller Wireless AP Remote w/ Instrument Repeater 1 pc

    Raymarine ACR Pathfinder tm 3 SART, Survival Craft Radar Transponder f/Search and Rescue Operations 1 pc

    Raymarine ACR Satellite3 406 tm Cat II 406 MHz EPIRB RLB-38 1 pc

    Furuno NX300 Nav-Tex Receiver 1 pc

    Raymarine Airmar WS-150WX Weather Station 1 pc

    Raymarine AIS650 Class B AIS Transceiver 1 pc

    Raymarine AIS100 Active Class B Splitter 1 pc

    Raymarine T450 Thermal Camera (640 x 480, 9Hz) & Low Light with Joystick Control Kit 1 pc

    Raymarine Ray260 Fixed Mount VHF – European Version 1 pc

    Raymarine 218E VHF Radio (Standart Programs) 1 pc

    Raymarine Icom GM 1600E GMDSS 1 pc

    Bilge/ Fire fighting system

    3M NOVEC 1230 in engine room fixed fire fighting system Fire Extinguishers: C02, Powder and Foam

    (2) Gianneschi ACB531/A (2″ Q= 500/180 Lt/min @ H Tot.= 3/33Mt),
    (1) Gianneschi MACB 531 diesel ( Q= 550/100 Lt/min @ HTot.=5/55 Mt,
    (4) PROVAL PRO100 Electrical, Actuator ID: 38 mm — 1 1/2″, Deck hydrant and fire hose (15 meters 1 1/2″ Storz)

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    Сообщение продавцу

    Наша цена €7 300 000
    Включая проверку судна и документов
    Судостроитель CUSTOM BUILT
    Состояние б/у
    Год 2015
    Тип судна Моторный парусник
    Подкатегория Шхуна
    Материал корпуса Wood
    Апартаменты 5 кают
    Спальные места 10
    Длина 131' 3" (40.00 m)
    Ширина 29' 9'' (9.06m)
    Осадка 14' 10'' (4.50 m)
    Крейс. скорость 10 Kts. (12 MPH)
    Макс. скорость 13 Kts. (15 MPH)
    Бак воды 1268 Gallons
    Бак топлива 2906 Gallons
    Каюты экипажа 1
    Спальных мест экипажа 8
    Дизайнер корпуса Gerry Dykstra
    Дизайнер интерьера David Wright Design.
    Двигатели 2
    Производитель Caterpillar
    Модель C-18
    Тип двигателя Inboard
    Длина по ватерлинии 106' 10'' (32.55m)
    Комплектация корпуса Bilge Keel
    Расход топлива 6 Gallons
    Местонахождение France