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Яхта в идеальном состоянии. Просмотр может быть организован в любой момент. При необходимости, осмотр может быть организован удаленно (с использованием средств видеоконференцсвязи). Перед подписанием сделки может быть выдано официальное заключение независимого сюрвейера. При осмотре возможен разумный торг.

Яхта поставлена под иностранный флаг, может быть ввезена в РФ без оплаты таможенных сборов и использоваться на внутренних водных путях в течение 12 месяцев. Всю работу с оформлением мы можем взять на себя. Подробная информация о процедуре предоставляется по запросу.

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The design and the construction is highly functional, absolute safety and comfort are the essence of Ranger 58. This yacht is made for explor-ing the world in luxurious style on board a yacht with elegant, timeless lines but with a classic touch.

Some of the principal features are the bridge and observation decks with research area and office, library and seating area next to the wheel-house, whale watching stations and inside and outside observation seating. These features allow all passengers the opportunity to be an active part of the adventure. Whilst sailing, the guests can research the flora and fauna that they might encounter in the lands they visit.

Gear like sport fishing chairs, diving equipment, whale watching stations and separate vehicles such as a helicopter, an all-terrain vehicle (MB – G-Class) and a light weight Akoya aircraft allow the guests to explore every aspect of the expedition.

The RANGER 58 can accommodate up to 14 guests in 7 staterooms including: a master stateroom on the upper deck, 4 VIP and 2 guest staterooms. As with all the yachts designed by TIRANIAN/Egg & Dart ample crew space guarantees perfect service and safety on board whilst the guests enjoy nature in luxurious style. The RANGER 58 can accommodate up to 18 crew in 10 cabins including: a captain cabin, a chief engineer cabin and 8 cabins for the rest of the crew.

Tenders and Toys

2 x HSR-Benelli JetSki

2 x Quads

1 x All-Terrain Vehicle (MB G-Class)

1 x Limo Tender , Egg and Dart design

1 x Dariel DT7 Tender

1 x Novurania CL650 Tender

1 x Lisa-Akoya Airplane

Lower deck

Swimming Platform / Terrace on the Sea

Water Sports equipment

Diving Center

Fruit Bar



Crew Area




Main deck

Interior Pool with sliding doors to the outside

Massage Area



TV Lounge

Art Lobby

4 Guest Cabins

Upper deck


Driving Range

Party Area

Sun Area

Owner Cabin with Spa, Lounge

2x Foldout Balconies

2x Double Cabins with Balcony

Inside Dining/Bar Area

Observation deck / Flybridge

In/Outside Observation Seating

Whale Watching Stations

Inside Research Area with office, Library

Bridge with guest seating

Captains area with Captains office

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Наша цена €43 500 000
Включая проверку судна и документов
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